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Deer Hunting & Turkey Hunting in Kansas!

Kansas Deer hunting guides and turkey hunting guides at Landrith Land Co. Kansas deer hunting guides - check out our packages for your next hunting trip. Kansas turkey hunting guides - check out our packages for your next hunting trip. Kansas hunting guides at Landrith Land Co. Request hunting information from Landrith Land Co. Send an email to Landrith Land Co. Trophy Pictures from our hutns. Other hunting links on the internet.
Kansas turkey hunting guides  Kansas deer hunting guides  Kansas turkey hunting guides
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Landrith Land Co. owns and leases over 3,000 acres of prime Kansas whitetail deer hunting land and Kansas turkey hunting land in Southeast Kansas.  Our deer hunting, spring turkey hunting, and dove hunting trips will all be on private Kansas hunting ground. There are only 2 individuals who own and operate the ranch land that you will be hunting on to ensure that you will have the best Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting Trip possible.

If your interest is deer hunting, turkey hunting, dove hunting, or any other type of game - Landrith Land Co. has a Kansas Hunting Trip for you.

Kansas turkey hunting guides

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting

Landrith Land Co. has been able to produce some prime Kansas Deer Hunting Land. with some of the very best whitetail deer hunting ground in our part of the state.

Since we are 4th generation farmers, we have been able to establish good land management practices and have a positive impact on the management of our whitetail deer population.

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If you have always dreamed of having a place to yourself, you will have your wishes come true since we limit the number of hunters we take in each year.  Book a trip know and you will have the opportunity to harvest one of these Kansas trophy whitetail deer on your next Kansas Deer Hunting trip.

Kansas Turkey Hunts

We have a excellent Kansas turkey hunting location that supports a large turkey population with a selection of Rio's, Eastern's, and Hybrid's for you to choose from.  We only allow a small number of turkey hunters each year to ensure that you have a successful Kansas Turkey Hunting trip.

Kansas Predator Hunts

We have several Predator hunts available in our our lineup for you to choose from. If you are interested in a rabbit hunting trip, bobcat hunting trip, or squirrel hunt give us a call and we will set you up with a great trip.

Kansas Hunting Trips  

Roy - PA Kansas deer hunting at Landrith Land Co in Bartlett Kansas.

Kansas Fishing Trips

Kansas bobcat hunts Landrith Land Co. also has some great bass fishing trips that they have made available.  With over 2 miles of creek bottom, a 13 acre lake, and 15 farm ponds to fish in, we have some trophy fish waiting just for you.

Kansas Hunting Location

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Book Early to save a spot on a Trophy Deer Hunt or Turkey Hunt..

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